Will I be tanned if I use a high protection factor?

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Definitely, it’s pretty much essential for paler-skinned people. If you want a beautiful, long-lasting tanned complexion you need to protect the skin from burning. As soon as skin damage occurs, the skin quickly reforms new skin to replace the damaged area. The reality is that the skin doesn’t ’want’ to become brown, rather that it is a defence mechanism. After just a few days the skin can begin to flake and new pink skin appears. EVY protects the skin against skin damage and the melanin in the skin can develop a beautiful, brown colour which lasts for a long time. Pigment that comes from the sun takes about 48 hours to reach the surface. You should therefore not be red at all, if you are then it is sunburn. A quick tan, which can be achieved in a couple of days, is melanin in the outer layer of skin which is activated – but this colour disappears as quickly as it appears. Therefore it’s not worth damaging the skin for the short-term colour.

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