Which protection factor should I choose?

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Which factor you choose depends on your skin type, how long your skin will be in the sun, the time of day, where you are, and what kind of activity you are doing. If you have a light skin tone and a tendency towards skin irritation, the higher the factor, the better. But it can be unnecessary to have a high SPF factor when you’re out for a quick jog or having lunch out in the sun.

A common belief is that if you have a light skin tone you should use sun protection with a high SPF. But the truth is that everybody should protect themselves, even those who are darkly bronzed. Even if you don’t burn, your skin can be damaged by UVA rays which go further into the skin and can cause skin damage as well as skin cancer in the long term. We recommend that children under 16 always use SPF 30 or higher.

EVY lasts longer on the skin and a lot of people think that a lower factor is enough, if they’ve been using another brand.

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