What is the difference between EVY and ordinary sun protection?

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EVY’s core formula is a patented medicine-technological discovery which spreads across the entire outer layer of skin instead of staying on the surface, which many traditional sun creams do. For this reason, EVY doesn’t rinse off with water, sweat or towel drying and gives effective protection for up to 6 hours, unlike a lot of other sun creams which recommend re-applying every other hour. EVY’s fluffy, easily-applied mousse makes it easy to achieve the recommended sun protection level and lasts around twice as long compared to cream. Ordinary sunscreen lotions recommend 35-40 ml for a full body application. Sprays do not tell you how much you need ! The core formula strengthens the skin’s natural protection barrier and helps the skin to retain moisture and resist irritations even in testing situations with strong sunlight, wind, and salty water. The core formula also helps the skin to protect itself against various chemicals found in chlorinated water and strong soaps, for example. For this reason, a lot of people who suffer from various types of contact allergies (such as nickel or water allergy) have seen an improvement from regular use of EVY.

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