I am pregnant, can I use your sunscreen, and sun protection in general?

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Yes, absolutely, our products are very mild and scent- and preservative-free and suitable for anyone from 6 months of age upwards. During pregnancy, the level of female hormones in the body increases, this stimulates melanin synthesis and it’s quite normal to receive pigmentation changes (called melasma). This can cause brown or greyish spots that often appear on the forehead, cheeks and/or around the mouth. Sun exposure increases the risk of melasma significantly. In fact, the amount of sunlight the skin is exposed to on a sunny day can cause overproduction of melanin, and it can thus be sufficient to trigger pigment changes. Most often spots disappear within six months of giving birth, or sometimes they just fade over time but will not disappear completely if they have developed. If you want to prevent and avoid melasma, use a sunscreen with a high factor every day you’re out in the sun, and not just when you’re sunbathing on the beach. Remember that skin products (including some sunscreens) containing vitamin A make the skin more sensitive to sun because vitamin A has an exfoliating effect on the skin. Hence we burn more easily and the risk of pigmentation and other injuries increases if you do not use a high SPF. If you want to sunbathe in the summer, take breaks from the sun and stop in good time.

On EWG.org (Environmentally Working Group), which is a US consumer information union, they warn against using sun spray because it contains nano or micro particles which can be inhaled in use. During pregnancy, it may be important to keep this in mind, and even after pregnancy, of course.

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