How should I use EVY? How much and how often?

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Shake the bottle and hold it upside down so that excess gas doesn’t leak out. Carefully push out the required amount of mousse. It’s better to take a smaller amount of mousse several times than a large amount at once to make the application easier. Work the mousse between your hands until it becomes a liquid-like cream, then apply carefully to each part of the body. An amount the size of a golf ball is about enough for an adult’s arm. The mousse will be absorbed completely within 5-10 minutes and won’t give any sticky feeling. If it absorbs quicker than this, you may have used too little (or you have dry skin) and if it still feels sticky it’s fine to rinse away excess with water without taking away the protection. Be aware that in humid and warm climates it can take longer for the mousse to dry. If you are going to be sunbathing all day, we recommend that you apply the mousse properly in the morning. Let it dry before swimming or putting on clothes. The protection lasts for up to six hours, even if you swim, but if you’re out in strong sunlight it can be advisable to work on sensitive areas during the day. 1 bottle is equivalent to about 10 whole-body applications.

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