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Many wonder if EVY products can be classified as organic sun care, i.e. only made of ingredients that are already found in nature. The answer is no, but it is not as simple as that. For example, many natural substances can cause allergies and rashes. In the lab, you can remove the ingredient that causes the allergy but leave the effective ingredient, or increase an effect but then the substance is defined as a chemical. We want to make safe products that dermatologists recommend, and we don’t believe that a completely organic product can meet the standards to which we aspire. We make highly effective products so that even people without any colouring are able to stay in the sun, as well as them being hypoallergenic, comfortable and above all, long-lasting.

Our products contain various chemical sunscreens in order to offer maximum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This effective formulation only allows for a small amount of solar filters, below 10%. You can tell this as it’s fragrance free and also works on the lips and around the eyes. Another aspect is that the mousse does not need to be applied as often, and does not run off, which is especially good for the environment. Because of its aerosol dispenser EVY doesn’t open and never turns rancid the same way some other products do, for this reason it’s completely free of preservatives and alcohol, which is good news for sensitive skin. EVY products are manufactured in Sweden and the bottle can be disposed of in the recycling bin for metal.

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