About EVY

EVY Sunscreen Mousse is based on patented medical skin care technology and has been manufactured in Sweden since 1999.


EVY’s patented formula has several unique features that give you superior protection. It forms a protective barrier that enhances your skin’s natural defenses. The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of skin, instead of staying on the surface which many creams do, and it doesn’t rub off, whether you swim, sweat, or dry yourself with a towel. This means you get very long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Our products also protect your skin from heat, wind and water stress as well as skin irritants such as chlorinated or salty water, algae, or soap.


EVY is specially developed for sensitive and hypersensitive skin and are recommended by many dermatologists. Of course, they are also suitable for  other skin types. The products are also recommended for people with sun eczema, sun allergy or albinism and the Vitiligo Association has nominated EVY Sunscreen mousse as the safest sunscreen on the market for their members. EVY is a good choice for those whose skin can´t tolerate conventional sunscreen because the formula is hypoallergenic and very gentle. All of our products are safe for small children, though we do not recommend lower SPF than 30 for children under 16 years of age.


Our sunscreens are neither shiny nor sticky and are suitable for both face and body. You can also use EVY around your eyes and on your lips. The mousse absorbs and dries very quickly, making the product very easy to use. It’s completely odorless, leaves no white residue and won’t clog your pores.
If you want to protect your hair ends against strong sun, you can use the mousse on them or apply it on the scalp if you are extra-sensitive or have thinning hair. The formula moisturises and protects your skin against both drying out from sun exposure and against premature aging. Many of the products are also fortified with vitamins, silk extracts and collagen to counteract the sun’s damaging effects on the skin.


Our mousse last roughly twice as long compared to conventional creams. It’s quickly absorbed, making it easier to use the right amount of sunscreen, compared to a cream. The aerosol pack is never opened to the elements and is therefore kept germ-free and fresh until the bottle is finished.


EVY technology contains several different sun filters. The concentration of each filter is low, but because they interact, they still offer maximum effectiveness against both UVA and UVB rays. Our sunscreen is very well tested and approved by authorities including official EU bodies. Our products give extra high and stable protection against UVA rays, which is important for sun-sensitive people, children, and for those who want to avoid premature skin ageing. The SPF on the bottle only indicates UVB protection, for example 30. Our UVA protection is thus over 90% of SPF30, or 90% of 97% UVB protection. We follow Boots’ standard for UVA and give the highest possible protection: 5 stars.


EVY Sunscreen Mousse was chosen as the official sunscreen on the EF boats in the Whitbread ‘Around The World’ (now Volvo Ocean Race) for the nine months the crew were at sea. Robinson, Axa Adidas multisport team and the Swedish team in the Atlantic Rowing Race are some of the other elite athletes who have chosen to use our products in tough conditions. Since the mousse does not need to be re-applied as often as a regular sunscreen, and also retains its protection despite repeated swimming and towel drying, it’s excellent for children. The gentle formula also makes it suitable for very young ones, from the age of 6 months onwards.


This skin preparation has a wide area of applications, even against corrosive substances such as concentrated acid and for treatment / protection against nickel allergy. It is beneficial to use as a carrier for active ingredients, such as sunscreens, skin anesthetics, fungicidal agents, bactericides etc.
The base formula creates an osmotic membrane, i.e. a semi-permeable membrane in the skin. It protects skin against the effects of harmful substances and also helps the skin to recover from any damage. The formula contains both lipophilic and hydrophilic components in two phases. Thanks to this, the formula works simultaneously on several levels in the skin. This two dimensional filter membrane reinforces the skin’s natural properties instead of adding extra substances to the skin to relieve symptoms. The formula’s lipophilic components prevent immediate contact between water and water-soluble substances and the treated skin’s hydrophilic parts, thus preventing drying of the skin. During use hydrophilic centres also appear in the lipophilic regions in such a way that normal sweating has basically no effect and, through the osmotic membrane, the skin’s natural ability to maintain an even balance between outflows and inflows (of e.g. moisture and heat) is restored. The formulation of this invention doesn’t add any excess oil to the skin and is therefore completely smudge-proof and free from any feeling of residues left behind. At the same time it penetrates deeper into the skin, which consequently has a more deep-acting effect than traditional skin creams. Another great advantage is that the continues for a long time, even after washing.